Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping my good buddies at with a T-shirt design. See, BD makes some killer swag, so when they offered to sell shirts on their site to raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief, I went to work. Given that BD is West-Coast based, it’s nice to know that our fellow anglers on the other side of the U.S. feel the pain of us East Coaster’s and are eager to help. Now for only $20, you can help, too.


This old-school tattoo-style striper and bleeding heart was drawn by Jersey Shore artist Skullboy (I happen to be a huge fan of his work). Proceeds from shirt sales are going to Restore Our Shore, a charity organization that helps unite volunteers and raise money for the small, local charities that may not qualify for Red Cross aid.

So no matter where you live, if you’re an angler, pick up a shirt for yourself and one for your buddy this holiday season. And the next time you’re on the water wearing it, you can smile knowing you’re one of many anglers that have come together to help those in need. Click here to get yours.

And to all of you who do buy one, this Jersey Boy thanks you personally.