By Joe Cermele


I’d be remiss if I didn’t run my usual post-Christmas follow up for anglers, so here it goes…

Under the tree on Christmas morn, I found an awesome new Regal vise. It is awesome because, believe it or not, I have been tying on the same no-name Regal wanna-be vise that I picked up at a flyfishing expo when I was about 18. It always got the job done, but the jaws have become so stiff that I literally have a permanent hard knot under the skin at the base of my thumb from squeezing the jaw spreader at the pressure needed to open them up. I’d probably have to have said knot surgically shaved down at the this point, but maybe over time, thanks to my new Regal that opens like butter, it’ll go away. Aside from the vise I got some tiny fish-shaped dishes that will do a fine job of holding soy sauce when I make sushi. My wife loves them (that’s sarcasm…she’s so over fish-shaped wares). So now it’s your turn. Did you find anything fishy under the tree? I’m always curious as to what fellow anglers had on their Christmas lists. Hope you all had a good one.