By Joe Cermele

Ah, remember how proud you were back in your Boy Scout days when you received those merit badges for basketry, coin collecting, and traffic safety? There’s no reason why patch commemoration shouldn’t be applied to grown men and women that do really dumb stuff on the water. Luckily there is, where you can buy a wide range of patches that will remind your buddies of their fishing foibles 24-7.


From the top left moving clockwise in the photo we have: Boat Ramp Reject, Hooked, Keys Overboard, Sea Legs, Thin Ice, and Supermarket Salmon. There are many others, some for hunters as well, and they sell for $4 each. Not a bad price for some old-fashioned chop busting.

Me? I’ve already earned Hooked, Boat Ramp Reject, and Keys Overboard. They also sell a Sunglasses Overboard, which I’ve earned ten-fold. How about you? Tip of the hat to the fellas at Moldychum for the find.