By Joe Cermele

Recently posted on the site is an article by my good friend and extreme die-hard surfcaster Jimmy Fee, in which he names his picks for the 25 greatest striper surf lures of all time. As a surfcaster myself, I’d say the list is pretty spot-on, even though he left out the Ava Diamond Jig (sorry, dude. I had to). Ribbing aside, what makes the list so complete, I think, is the criteria used to select these lures. You have to put personal favoritism aside and look not just at a lure’s catching power, but what part it played in the overall development of the category of lures at hand, as well as its historical role in growing the sport.


As an example, the Boone Needlefish (above) made Fee’s list, even though he notes that the lure was essentially useless for big stripers because it often fell apart under the strain of the fight. But the Boone was the first needlefish ever created, which lead to hundreds of newer, stronger models coming into existence that put up very big stripers in the surf. Whether you’re a surf guy or not, you should give this story a read because the back stories of many of these lures are fascinating.

This list also begs a question: How do you qualify a great lure? What are some of the criteria? And as a final aside, I’d love to hear from our loyal readers what similar lists you might like to see on F& No category is too broad or too narrowly focused.