By Joe Cermele

Kirk Deeter over at the FlyTalk blog already asked about your 2013 fishing resolutions. John Merwin already told you that his 2013 fishing resolution is to simply fish more. So I’ll ask this: Which fish or trip from 2012 will you remember most fondly?

I always like to answer that question each new year with an outing or catch from home waters, but for the first time in a while, I’m sad to say I can’t. To be honest, 2012 was not the most outstanding year for me on the local fishing front, and I’m really hoping 2013 brings some normalization.


Thanks to a snowless, warm winter, spring striper runs were chronologically wacky and weak compared to past seasons. Super-low river conditions made local trout and smallmouth fishing incredibly tough throughout the summer. And just when things were starting to look up as the fall striper and bluefish run was taking shape, along came Hurricane Sandy, knocking everything for another loop. Yes, I’m hoping for a cold, snowy, winter that gets things back on track.

Since I don’t have a local catch to peg as my most memorable of 2012, I have to think back to my travels this season. Without a doubt, the fish I will remember most is the 7-pound Miami peacock bass above. Not only was this a pretty big peacock for the states, but the entire experience fishing the canals and lakes in southern Florida really opened my eyes to a fishery I knew very little about. I always gauge the worth of a trip not just by what I caught, but what I learned. And I learned a lot in Miami last September.

Your turn. Tell me which trip or fish of 2012 you’ll remember most.