By Joe Cermele

Hopefully wherever you are, it’s starting to feel like spring. It’s certainly still winter here in the Northeast and I’m sick of it. So instead of kicking off the 5th season of “Hook Shots” on the ice or a frigid river, I ran for the Texas-Mexico border to fish Falcon Lake. I was told the bass grow big at Falcon and the Mexican drug smugglers and pirates never bother a bunch of gringoes in a flashy bass boat loaded with expensive camera gear. What I learned is that if you have a really fast boat it’s OK to fish the Mexico side, if you want big prespawn fish on Falcon you’d better be able to flip a jig (which I suck at), and if you listen to enough club music, you kinda start to like it. A huge thanks goes out to 25-year-old hot shot guide Nathan Fields, who is one incredible angler. If you want to catch Texas bass with someone keyed in on the latest techniques who is not a grumpy old dude, Nate is your man. Enjoy the show, and many more adventures, foibles, documented shortcomings, and hopefully a few moments of glory to come this season.