By Joe Cermele

The other day, a Scatter Rap Crankbait like the one below landed on my desk. This is the latest offering from Rapala, though the lure design itself is nothing new. The detail is all in the lip, which you’ll notice features a unique scoop shape. These Scatter Lips–as they call them–are being applied to time-proven Rapala baits, such as the Countdown Minnow, Original Floating Minnow, and Shad Rap. And they claim this new lip will breathe new life into lures like you’ve never seen before.


The design is supposed to make lures equipped with the Scatter Lip “sweep” wide from side to side during the retrieve as they dance erratically. Rapala believes this action does a better job of mimicking a truly freaked out baitfish than similar lures with standard lips.

Having not given my sample lure a test drive yet, I have no idea if this lip performs as advertised, but I at least have to give some credit to Rapala for coming up with a new lip style. The biggest recent advance in the lips department I can think of is the square lip, and while I know it has benefits, I never found it all that revolutionary. Maybe these scoops will be the next big thing. I mean hey, scoops worked for Tostitos and Fritos right? We all know they’re way better for dipping.

What do you think? Good concept?