By Joe Cermele

Did you know that bull sharks have one of the highest testosterone levels in the entire animal kingdom? That explains why they’re the culprit in more attacks than any other shark species. If you’ve ever hooked one, it also explains why they put up one of meanest, nastiest fights you likely ever experienced (I once watched a bull shark bite a metal gaff handle so hard it almost cut it in half). As if a regular bull shark isn’t intimidating enough, now they come with two heads.


According to this story on, this two-headed bull shark is a scientific first. It was discovered inside a female bull captured by anglers in the Gulf of Mexico, who sent the pup (which died shortly after the discovery) to the Florida Keys Community College. From there the two-headed bull went to Michigan State University, where a research team lead by professor Michael Wagner examined the shark. From the article:

“This is certainly one of those interesting and rarely detected phenomena,” Wagner said. “It’s good that we have this documented as part of the world’s natural history, but we’d certainly have to find many more before we could draw any conclusions about what caused this.”

One potential cause people are jumping too, per the article: the Deep Water Horizon oil spill. Wagner says, however, that’s highly speculative. Regardless of the cause, this is a B-horror movie director’s dream, and a first mate’s nightmare.