12-Year-Old Australian Boy Beats 5-Foot Bull Shark On A Hand Line

Here’s a fun story from Down Under that supports my theory that land-based Australian anglers are often a bit more rough-and-tumble than us. Check out this cliff fishing video and you’ll see what I mean. Though Isaac Callaway didn’t catch his shark while dangling off the edge of a cliff, he did score a near-five-foot bull on a hand line. The fish weighed about 90 pounds, which is how much 12-year-old Callaway weighs. According to the story in The Australian, this is actually Callaway’s third hand line bull, but the biggest by far to date.


On a funny side note, Callaway hooked the beast moments before his dad was about to splash his stand-up paddleboard (or SUP, if you’re hip to that scene) and take a leisurely lap around the canal behind the family’s home. That plan was put on hold when young Isaac needed help besting the shark. A neighbor jumped into the fray as well, and even helped the Callaways behead and fillet the catch to fill the freezer (gross, but whatever, not my call) and so Isaac could mount the jaws in his room. There’s a quote in the piece from a Sea World biologist that reads: T_he incident highlighted how important it was for the public to avoid swimming in Gold Coast canals._

What the biggest fish you ever caught on a hand line? You know, in all my years of fishing, I’ve never used one.