By Joe Cermele

In 2012, Outdoor Life reported on the massive 68-pound striped bass caught by Rodney Ply in Arkansas. Not only did the fish beat out the former world record land-locked striper, but Ply had entered himself into Mustad’s competetion that paid a million dollars to any angler that broke a world record with their products, and the homemade Alabama rig he ws using with fitted with Mustads. Ply . Unfortunately for Ply, the IGFA wouldn’t certify the catch, claiming his homemade rig qualified as a “spreader bar,” which is not a legal means of catching fish for the record books. Mustad paid the million to a yellowfin tuna angler, and Ply’s name never even made the book. He’s mad. Like real mad. And now he’s taking on the IGFA with a legal team. Now I’ve said several times on this blog that I’m not the biggest fan of Alambama rigs, but I do not consider them spreader bars, which are huge bars featuring loads of squids or skirts used to troll up tuna and marlin. Check out the video and let me know what you think.