I’m scoping out my fishing plans for the year. Well, actually I’m just daydreaming about places I want to go flyfishing. There’s nothing exotic in the forecast, and at best, I might make three of these. But here’s a revised month-by-month goal calendar of hot spots on the fly…

See if you agree with me, and let me know if I’m missing somewhere. What would your dream year look like?

January, Louisiana Gulf Coast, chasing big bull redfish (January is record season).

February, winter steelhead on the North Umpqua River in Oregon.

March, fishing midges at Lees Ferry in Northern Arizona.

April, Hendrickson and Quill Gordon hatches on the upper Delaware River (NY/PA).

May is for tarpon, in southwest Florida and the Keys (and nobody’s talking me out of that one).

June, evening gray drake hatch on the Pere Marquette River in western Michigan (but you have to hit it just right)… or smallmouth fishing in Minnesota, I can’t decide.

July, mako shark fishing, with flies, but definitely not in a kayak again with Conway Bowman off San Diego, California.

August, callibaetis hatch on Silver Creek in Idaho.

September, hoppers on the South Fork, or the Henry’s Fork, or the Madison, or Colorado River, or anywhere else, because hopper fishing rules.

October, bass fishing in the Texas Hill Country.

November, chasing the cows… big striped bass off the Jersey Coast with Cermele.

December, chill out and think about fishing next year.