Honest Angler

Since I started blogging, I’ve found out that some of our readers make pretty wicked stuff. Take Troutrageous, for example. He sent me a button that has joined my bouquet of rear-view danglers. Know why I dig it? Because the tattoo-esque design nicely ties old Joe and new Joe together. This button would have been just as at home ten years ago on my black hoody with the stud-Beaddazzled sleeves and Misfits skull on the back. It was local bass pond by day, mosh pit by night. Man, things change.

Then there’s 14-year-old Alex Pernice. Alex, I found out, spends his winters tying and selling flies. I figured if he was that young and making saleable stuff, it must be good. I requested a beadhead leech of his own design. Alex uses a synthetic crystal flash to tie them, and trims them to a perfect tear-drop. It’s a pretty unique spin on the classic wooly bugger. Nice and small, too. Once wet, it becomes a wavy, succulent, boogery blob that shimmies like Shakira coming through the pocket. “Slurp, slurp,” said mister rainbow trout on Saturday. Alex, please remember who your buds are when you become president of Umpqua some day.

I wanted better photos of the trout caught on the leech, but alas, I was alone. I could not get ANYONE to go fishing with me. I mean, it was a balmy 17 degrees. Just throw on two base layers, flannel-lined jeans, battery-heated socks, double-thick neoprene waders, two thermal shirts, a flannel shirt, a fleece pullover, neoprene dry top, Under Armour face mask, Gore-Tex hat, and two pairs of gloves and you’re fine.


Honest Angler