Every time I see a discussion of favorite trout lures on our own or other message boards, most of the lure names are very familiar: Roostertails, Rapalas, Mepps, and so on. But I also see frequent reference to something called a Trout Magnet.

I’ve only heard of these recently and have never fished one. Judging from the details on the Trout Magnet website and elsewhere, these are ultralight trout jigs with a slanted face like a shad dart. The 1/64-ounce [one-sixty-fourth] jig is on a size 8 hook, to which is attached a small, cylindrical soft- plastic body. Bright body colors such as pink or chartreuse apparently work best as the jig is dead-drifted along the bottom of a trout river.

I fish ultralight jigs for trout fairly often, mostly marabou versions or sometimes soft-plastic twister-tails and the like. Trout jigs in general are really effective and vastly underrated. What I don’t understand is the specific appeal of Trout Magnets. Is there something here I’m missing that makes them better than any other trout jig? Or maybe it’s all just marketing….