Here are two challenging casting situations; see if you can figure out the best fixes for the problems.

1) Bob is out fishing the redfish flats in Texas. As usual, the wind is pulsing off the Gulf of Mexico at a steady 20-mph kick. Bob has a school of tailing reds right in front of him, about 40 feet away. Unfortunately that wind is straight off his right side, and Bob is right handed. In other words, when he goes to make that cast, his line–sometimes even his fly (ouch)–smacks right into his head. He would cast left handed if he weren’t a complete spaz with his non-dominant hand.

What does he do to fix his problem?

2) This is a true story. Rusty, a guide, is working a salmon run in Alaska with one of his favorite repeat customers. Sadly, Bill, the customer, has developed Parkinson’s disease… he is still crazy about flyfishing, and sharp as a tack. He can even manage to cast pretty well. Problem is, those darn tremors make his arm shake so badly that he jerks and wiggles the flies… so much that the fish won’t give them an interested glimpse.

But Rusty suggests one change for Bill… it works, and they catch fish all day. What was the change?