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As a small stream junkie I was just a bit excited when I received a press release this morning on an form of traditional Japanese fly fishing I have never heard of called, Tenkara. When translated literally means – from heaven.


Here’s the scoop… There are no reels involved, just a rod, furled line, and a fly. The rods are surprisingly long – anywhere from 11 to 13 feet, but telescope down to just 20 inches and weigh just 3 oz on average. You can get into the sport for just $130 dollars for an entry level rod and the prices don’t seem to get much higher. It’s like a cross between spey casting and fiberglass one weights. Very strange, but so intriguing at the same time. Watch the video below for an idea of how it’s done – pardon the length and the fact that it’s in Japanese.

What do you think, new form of small creek fishing that’s here to stay or just another fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow? Considering it’s been around in Japan since the 8th or 9th centuries BC it might be worth giving a whirl. Check out the website ( for more info on how it works as it was a bit much to explain in one blog post. TR