I’ve been fishing from my raft the past three weekends here in Colorado and let me tell you there hasn’t been a whole ton of fishing. It’s pretty much been a whitewater bonanza. The highest water I’ve seen here in a long, long time. We’ve seen and heard of numerous boats flipping in normally easy rapids. To be perfectly honest it’s been a bit scary at times. That’s why when I read this piece in the Denver Post about a man…

…drowning on one of my favorite stretches of water I had to read it again.

There’s no way he drown there I thought to myself… How? Then I re-read it. He wasn’t equipped with a life jacket and he was wearing waders. Call me callous, but if you can’t respect the river – there’s no way in hell it’s going to respect you. Not wearing a life jacket is plain stupidity. Especially during high water. I feel for this guy and think it’s a tragedy, but if you don’t want to have the river scoured by a gentleman of the likes above don’t be an idiot – put on a PFD.

Did this man pay the ultimate price for being careless? Perhaps he forgot his life jacket at home. I’ll tell you one thing, if he showed up in to get in my boat without a PFD – I would never have let him ride. What would you do?