Last week I had the pleasure of fishing with my father-in-law, Mabon Childs and Mr. Deeter on the North Fork of the South Platte River about an hour west of Denver. Mabon lives in North Carolina and frequently finds himself on small brooktrout streams there and in upstate New York. So, while he fishes some he doesn’t often find himself throwing giant dry flies for 20 inch rainbows. Come to think of it, I guess I really don’t either…. Kirk and I watched Mabon target, hook, and lose a couple of big fish on gaudy dry flies. After a hour of fishing we came across two big fish rising in a shallow riffle. Mabon threw a gorgeous cast, mended and got an absolutely perfect drift…

Deeter and I watched the fly drift in front of the big fish’s head. He slowly ambled up from the bottom of the stream bed and opened his maw wide and slowly inhaled the fly. It was a classic take. Actually, it was amazing.

Kirk and I screamed like little girls, danced around and gave a high five. It didn’t matter which of us was fishing. Watching it was as good on the side of the bank as it was holding the rod. I think…

What’s your best fly fishing “take” ever? Was it a 20 foot streamer follow, a epic cast to the far side of the bank, a perfect popper placement, or simply watching a friend or family member do one of the above? Here’s the challenge. Tell us about it in 15 words or less.

Make it simple… Colorado, tinted water, far bank, overhanging trees, grasshoper, 22 inch rainbow, etc… I think you get the drift 😉