Tim Romano

I gotta tell you I’m one lazy dude when it comes to flies, fly boxes and organization. I’d say a fourth of all the bugs in my box have tippet tied to them from a previous outing and most of the time there’s a sculpin pattern mashing down the size 32 midges. My boxes are basically a mess.

The worst offense I continually commit is wasting multi fly rigs. If I switch rigs in the middle of fishing I just stuff the whole thing in my chest pack and forget about it until I get home. Once home I have a sheet magnet in my garage I chuck the entire mess on to. I had thought this magnet would help with my organization…

…instead it typically becomes a graveyard for balls of tippet and slightly used flies until the end of the season. The only time I even think about cleaning it up is if I get desperate enough for a certain pattern I’ve run out of.

Curious what kind of angler you are. Are your boxes row after row of perfect color coded specific insect types or is a mish-mash of everything that you have to search through to find that perfect bug? Perhaps more importantly, what does this say about the type of angler you are?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.