Fly Fishing photo

Earlier this year Mr. Merwin blogged about the Moffitt Angling, aka the “hookless” fly system and asked if it was fair or foul hooking. The system utilizes a hookless fly or flies suspended above a uniquely designed barbless circle hook. The system was designed to help with fish mortality rates and aid in catch and release fishing. Ironically, controversy has swirled since it’s release and many people have called the system snagging. I personally have used the system on a small river in Colorado and found that…

…while nymphing it worked exactly as designed. Every fish I landed had the hook embedded directly in it’s jaw. The outside of the jaw that is… I must say I was a skeptic before I tired the system, but was pretty impressed at the end of the day.

Moffitt has just launched a full line of dry flies, streamers, and many more nymphs to their line of hookless flies. I’m curious if the dries and streamers will work as efficiently as the nymphs. Seems to me that this might be a bit more difficult to accomplish the goal of setting the hook in the jaw. Who knows though… Perhaps I’ll be completely surprised again.

Is anybody out there using the Moffitt system yet? Have you tried the dry flies or streamers? Is this the wave of the future for fly fishing?