Here’s a real-life fishing scenario that popped up yesterday. I am happy to report that I was able to solve the problem and land a beautiful 18-inch wild brown trout on the Dolores River in Colorado.

Let’s see if you get the right answer.

You’re fishing along a grassy cutbank. It’s windy. It’s bright. Definitely a grasshopper day. You notice a nice shady pool along the bank and, wham! a big ol’ trout eats something off the surface. You make a perfect cast… here he comes… here he comes… he’s gonna eat it… and just when he’s about to chomp down, he changes his mind.

You got refused.

Do you…

A. Sit on the bank and cry?

B. Cast again, this time a little tighter to the bank?

C. Wait five minutes, then cast again?

D. Switch flies, then cast again?

E. Size down on your tippet before you make another cast? (Anyone who follows this blog and picks this answer is DQ’d from the next caption contest…)

F. Move upstream, and cast again making a downstream presentation.

G. Accept the fact that you just were given “the fin” and find another fish?

Answer Monday, when I return from elk camp. No elk yet… got within about 75 yards of a 6×6 yesterday morning. Bugling and angry, but I could not move him downwind with a cow call. (Hence the reason I took an afternoon for fishing.)