The late archery season has been over for nearly a month here in Minnesota, and already I miss it. I joke about my passion for this lonely time to my hunting buddies, telling them “all the good hunters are done by November. December is for guys like me.” But truthfully, I’d hunt then even if I’d already tagged a nice buck.

The cold, quiet weeks of December are a wonderful time for me to say goodbye to hunting for another year. I’m searching hard for deer, of course, but I’m also reflecting; on little successes, muffed opportunities, lessons learned, deer seen, bucks that survived, and those that didn’t.

Of course, my ultimate fantasy is to tag a monster whitetail on the season’s last day. What better way to wring out every drop of action from an entire fall? Illinois bowhunter Jack Jensen accomplished that very feat only a couple of weeks ago, shooting this massive Shelby County nontyp that was green-scored at 220″. Congratulations to Mr. Jensen! Anyone have a good late-season story–or harvest photo–to share?