With each new “scent-elimination” product comes the same old question: Does it work? Well, in the case of Ozonic’s new HR-100, the answer seems to be yes, according to both the FBI and the NYPD. That’s the good new for hunters.

The bad news for humanity: The unit was tested by the FBI and NYPD to determine if it could be effectively used by criminals or terrorists to skirt the noses of drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs–and the uncomfortable answer to that question also seems to be yes.

From Fox News:
“Preliminary testing on odor mitigating devices — instruments that have the capability to eliminate human, explosives, and drug odors — reveals vulnerabilities to U.S. explosives discovery capabilities,” the report states. “FBI field office, private security company, and Rail Transit Authority tests have determined that odor mitigating devices have the potential to completely mask explosives odors from canine detection….

“Although there is no current information indicating any imminent threat, criminal groups, such as drug traffickers and terrorists, may seek out odor mitigation devices for operational use, such as concealment and transportation of illegal drugs or explosives. This is based on historical patterns of interest in concealment techniques and the low cost and wide proliferation of mitigation devices.