by John Merwin

Here’s another one from our Department of Good Stuff. This might be a gift for someone, but if so, buy one for yourself, too. You’ll be glad you did. It’s called a “Shoreman’s Fleece Cap” and comes from Duluth Trading.

I often wear a beanie-style watch cap for cold-weather fishing and general winter use. The trouble with most of these “one-size-fits-most” hats is they’re too small for my large head size. (Okay, fat head, if you insist.) As a result, the too-small hat creeps up the sides of my head and winds up just sitting uselessly on top.

One good thing about the Duluth product is that it comes in different sizes (M – 2XL). Not only does my XL version fit, but it stays put even in the wind. And because the fleece is advertised as a wind-blocking version (which seems to work), even a winter wind is no problem.

Best of all, they’re cheap–now selling at $11.50. I got one as a gift last year and have liked it so much I just ordered a couple more. In those cases where I need a hat brim (such as a bright winter sun), I just pull the fleece hat on top of my beloved ball-style cap.

Keep your head warm in winter is no small matter, whether you’re steelheading, hunting, or just plain cutting firewood. If you’ve got any other bright ideas for that, let’s hear ’em.