by Phil Bourjaily

My parents were firm on the “don’t kill anything you aren’t going to eat” rule, which is why you never find me writing about coyotes* and prairie dogs and the like in this blog. It also explains why I choked down a crow last fall, and why the topic of today’s blog is the GameSaver Silver.

Vacuum-sealing food helps it last in the freezer. I have tried freezing birds in bags of water, which sort of works. I’ve wrapped a lot of birds in plastic wrap and foil, and closed up lots more in ZipLoc freezer bags, where they eventually turn into frosty ice-balls. A food sealer is the way to go. The meat stays better much longer, and the bags don’t drip blood when you thaw them.

This newest product in the FoodSaver line is designed to take with you to the camp. It has a handle – which actually is very useful–and it comes with both a conventional plug and a 12V adapter so you can run it off your truck’s battery–so you can seal up whatever you catch or kill more or less on the spot.

I have used mine enough to run out of bags (it comes with enough for eight pheasants, three geese, a duck and a deer) and start on some more, and so far it has worked just fine. I am very excited about sealing up leftover sweet corn this summer to eat with game in the fall and winter.

The GameSaver Silver lists for $199 although you will find it for less if you shop around.

*I wish someone would come up with a good coyote chili recipe, because coyote calling looks like about as much fun as any kind of hunting there is.