Gerber’s Bear Grylls Survival Series to be Released This Week

by David Maccar

It’s official: Gerber’s complete Bear Grylls Survival Series of knives, tools and gear is now available to the public. The line features several products, including the flagship item, the Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife, which I reviewed last year when I got an early sample, along with the Parang Machete. The line also boats two survival kits, two different sized multi-tools (the Ultimate Multi-Tool pictured here), several folding knives and a fire starter.

The sixth season of Grylls’ survival series, Man vs. Wild, premiers tonight on the Discovery Channel and Bear will have the Ultimate Knife by his side. Let’s see how it holds up on the show.

Some readers have voiced concerns about negative reviews of the Ultimate Knife after an early beta version was offered for sale via Gerber confirms there was a problem in the first run with handle strength. Some reviews claim when they used the pommel for hammering, a use for which it is intended, the handle fractured and the pommel would fall out. Even so, the knife quickly reached backordered status.

The folks at Gerber tell me the handle-strength problem was addressed and corrected for the official production run of the knife, which went on sale today.

The products will be available through retailers this week and through Geber’s website beginning March 1.

Look for my review of the Ultimate Multi-Tool, pictured above, coming soon.