We talk about mulie bucks differently than we do whitetails. An eastern whitetail is usually referenced by his tine count. We’ll say “I shot a beautiful 10-point,” or “my first buck was a basket-racked six.” Spread is mentioned, but typically only as an additional reference to put an exclamation point on size: “That monster 10-point had a 24″ spread.”

For most mulie nuts, spread is THE thing. In fact, the generally accepted benchmark for a really big mulie is a 30″ buck. Thirty means inside spread of course, and as serious mulie nuts recognize, that mark is getting tougher and tougher to achieve.

Which makes the buck that follows so much more impressive. Supposedly shot in “the Navajo Unit” (Arizona) by one John Keller, the inside spread is supposed to be 41 (as in forty one!) inches, with a gross B&C score of 275″! Great buck!