Camo Weddings
Camo Weddings


Considering it’s Valentine’s Day season, I thought I’d do a post about romance, and what better testament to the love one hunter feels for another than a camo wedding.

 I don't have much experience with theme weddings in general, but there's quite a bit online about how to plan a hunting ceremony. I found a few wedding planning services that have done hunting receptions (one recommended placing the cake on a series of tree stumps). But I also found this thread on[](, in which brides and mothers-of-brides were comparing notes on their upcoming camo weddings. Their comments focused on items such as Mossy Oak ribbons, Mossy Oak veils, shotgun shells for confetti, flower arrangements that incorporated arrows (though there were some safety concerns with that one), candle holders fashioned from twigs, fish bowl centerpieces with personalized bobbers and silk camo accents on the wedding gown itself. 

 I was impressed by the obvious industry and enthusiasm each of these women seemed to possess, and I think some of these suggestions could be a lot of fun -- if done right. But I pity the wedding guest who attends a reception incorporating all these elements at once. Watch out for that shotgun shell confetti -- ouch!

 Also, regarding the Gear Giveaway, the winner is chosen (incidentally, it's our first male gear winner), but I'll have to wait until next week to announce him. I know, the suspense is brutal!

 In the meantime, have you been to a hunting-themed wedding, or do you happen to be planning one yourself? There are certainly plenty of deer cake toppers and camo garter belts on the market if you are! -K.H.