Hunters on Acting

Most of us have probably seen the clip of Ashley Judd speaking on behalf of the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund to slam Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on the issue of aerial wolf hunting. The video put me in mind of the numerous celebrities who take up hunting- and gun-related issues — the singer Pink loudly criticizing the British royal family for hunting and wearing furs, as well as personalities Tom Selleck and Rosie O’Donnell famously going head to head on the Second Amendment a few years back.

Entertainers and hunting. Some celebrities are pro to varying degrees. Others, well… If some actors have such strong opinions about hunting, maybe hunters should form strong opinions about acting — especially considering hunting seasons are currently winding down while the awards show season is ramping up. Maybe Wayne LaPierre could issue a statement regarding his opinion on method acting, entertainers’ salaries, the ethics of Oscars campaigning or challenging the sacred opinion that Meryl Streep is the Second Coming. Now I’m a huge movie fan and regard the performing arts very highly. But the worlds of Hollywood and the hunting blind certainly don’t mix very often. -K.H.