Breaking news: If you live in Oklahoma, Kentucky or Louisiana you are in immediate danger. Please, put the gun down and back away from it slowly until we can figure out some way to get a law passed that will make things safe for you and your children.

From the story:

A national group that aims to prevent gun violence ranks Oklahoma among the worst state in the nation for its weak gun laws. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released its annual scorecard on Wednesday, ranking Oklahoma tied for last among the 50 states. Oklahoma scored just two points out of a total of 100, along with Kentucky and Louisiana. The Washington-based group says Oklahoma’s weak gun laws help feed the illegal gun market, allow the sale of guns without background checks and put children at risk.

To my weak-lawed and woefully unprotected-from-ourselves brethren in Kentucky and Louisiana, I salute you. That is if I can manage to keep from killing myself with a dangerously under-regulated firearm. As for the other 48 states that obviously place a higher value on public safety, I can only say “sucks to be you.”