Chad Love: Rove Tweets Hunting

Twitter distinguishes itself as perhaps the most useless and annoying communications and/or media technology ever invented and a shining example of why the written word as humans used to know and appreciate it is as doomed as the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken.

But the now-ubiquitous 140-character-max micro-blogging format is apparently here to stay and I’m sure the 140-character magazine feature story will soon become industry standard. In the meantime most people use Twitter to broadcast — in real-time — every mundane detail of their lives.

For example, just the other day I was thinking to myself “I wonder what Turd Blossom is up to these days?” And Lo, my question was answered.

From the story:
_One of the most interesting developments to come from the expanded use of Twitter are the surprising personalities who have embraced the microblogging service. One of those would have to be “The Architect” (and current Fox News contributor) Karl Rove.

Rove is a fairly active tweeter, and during a Texas hunting trip this week made use of the service (as well as TwitPic). The image on the right is of Rove and FOX News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace. Someone joked about why Dick Cheney wasn’t involved — “I look forward to my next hunt with him,” replied Rove._

There was a good discussion a couple weeks back about the lack of upland hunting and gun dog stories in F&S. Maybe the magazine should get in touch with Karl Rove. I doubt he trains his own dogs (if he owns any) and I’d bet my worn-out game vest that shotgun of his has never killed a public-land commoner’s quail, but at least he’d nail the word-count limit on his stories.