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From Oregon’s KATU News:

_A Western Oregon University student has been suspended after a confrontation with campus security last month over a concealed firearm and knife he brought on campus.

_A university student disciplinary panel determined Tuesday that 30-year-old [Marine Corps vet] Jeffrey L. Maxwell should be suspended until the end of the spring term despite the fact that he has a concealed handgun license.

_Maxwell won’t be allowed to re-enroll until a licensed mental health professional notifies the university that he is not a threat to himself or others, the panel concluded. The student must also write a 10-page paper that addresses the impact the possession of weapons on college campuses has on others as well as the importance of following the law. . . .

The case has drawn the ire of some state legislators, who [have complained] that legal gun owners’ rights are being infringed upon by policies that prevent people with concealed handgun licenses from taking their firearms on public campuses.

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