From an article written by new Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in _The Pueblo Chieftain:

_The economic recovery package passed by Congress (and to be signed into law today by President Barack Obama) includes badly needed funding for projects at the Department of the Interior. . . .

This funding will allow for investment in projects that could be undertaken immediately on our public lands across the country. . . .

The president’s economic recovery package illustrates the old adage that crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.

Yes, we are in a time of crisis. But yes, we can use this as a chance to make an investment in conserving America’s timeless treasures – our stunning natural landscapes, our monuments to liberty, the icons of our culture and heritage – while helping working families and their communities prosper again.

Americans are proud to have the finest network of public lands dedicated to conservation and recreation in the world.

The recovery legislation provides the opportunity to make our national heritage even more grand for our children and grandchildren._

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