Have You Hugged Your Dog Today?


So, I was out for my jog in the woods Saturday, and after about a mile I got to a point where the trail intersects with a fairly busy, four-lane road. I turned onto the road and was going for a few minutes when I saw a Scottish terrier running along the curb about 25 yards in front of me. He was moving pretty good for a little guy and seemed totally confused. He'd duck into a driveway, then dart out into the road, then stop, then turn around, then go straight again. There were cars coming in all lanes in both directions, so I hauled ass to catch up with him, figuring at the very least I could herd him off the road. By the time I was level with him, traffic had stopped while he zig-zagged along the yellow line. I ran between the cars to chase him off the road and toward a cluster of houses up a hill, hoping he belonged to one of them. Luckily he ran ahead of me in the right direction, and the incident had a happy ending when I crested the hill to see his owner bending down to put him back on his leash. When I caught up to them, the owner said that "Scotty" (real original name) had never run off like that and she had no idea what had gotten into him.