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From a National Park Service press release:

“Our goal is to eliminate the use of lead ammunition and lead fishing tackle in parks by the end of 2010,” said Acting National Park Service Director Dan Wenk. “We want to take a leadership role in removing lead from the environment.”

Individual states may have something to say about that, however. For example, from _The Charleston Gazette:

_West Virginia fish and wildlife officials said they “have serious concerns” about the Park Service’s lead-free goal. . . .

_Paul Johansen, the DNR’s assistant wildlife chief, said he and other DNR officials “would welcome a dialogue with [Park Service officials], but I would hope they would not come to the table with a preconceived notion that banning all lead ammo and fishing tackle . . . is the only way to go. . . .”

This will come down to the powers of the states versus the power of the federal government,” [said DNR chief Curtis Taylor]. “I’ll be in Washington next week for a meeting of the North American Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, and you can bet [the lead-ban proposal] will be a hot topic.”

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