Last Wednesday, we linked to a story about West Virginia’s new Sunday bowhunting rule (see previous coverage). Now, it looks like New Jersey may be next.

From Real-Time News:
_New Jersey bowhunters will pursue the state’s exploding deer population on Sundays if Gov. Jon Corzine signs legislation approved today by the Assembly and last fall by the state Senate. . . .

The Sierra Club opposes . . . the [move]. . . .

“We’re not against the hunting. But we feel from a safety and quality of outdoor activity standpoint that we’d like to see one day a week we wouldn’t have hunters out there while we are hiking or birding,” said Jeff Tittel of Sierra. “I would rather see the seasons for deer hunting extended another couple of weeks than have a Sunday hunt. Bowhunting is done the same time we run a lot of hikes, in October, November and December.”_

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