Feeling Good About the Future
Feeling Good About the Future


If you’re in need of a beginning-of-the-week pick-me-up, you’re in luck. Blog reader “Jacee” recently sent me a link to this series of audio stories and photos she’d seen on wyomingnews.com. It’s a great little featurette consisting of interviews the paper did with 7 first-time hunters last winter. These very young men and women range in age from eight to early teens and in game-of-choice from pheasant to antelope — and they’re sure to make you feel hopeful about the future of our sport.

 One eight-year-old giggles his way through a story about an "attack pheasant," an older girl talks about the evils of video games and text messaging, another calls fresh air the best high, and a proud mom remembers her three-year-old daughter in a velvet dress on Santa's lap, asking for boots and binoculars so she can go goose hunting. While some of them admit their concerns about the future of hunting, these first-timers are doing their part just by being out there. 

 The entire segment is only about 3 min., 30 sec. long, and I was personally ready to break into song by the end of it. It's so easy to get bogged down with bad outdoor news, the stories of these seven kids was a welcome relief. Thanks to Jacee for the pick-me-up! -K.H.