Mirror, Mirror, On My Blind

I have seen a few ads for mirror-style blinds in recent years. Most were directed toward waterfowl or turkey hunters seeking concealment in tricky places with limited (or no) cover such as fields or sparse timber. Only recently have I seen the mirror-blind concept applied to deer hunting, and that included a rather large, elevated shooting house that I assume was wrapped in a highly reflective material.

The concept, of course, is brilliant. When game looks toward your hide, all they see is a reflection of everything that surrounds it. Even better (perhaps?) is when a critter gets truly close, at which point they also spot a reflection of themselves. Now your blind becomes a decoy, and a moving one at that!

But what about the practicality of these things? Would the sun glare off them, spooking the very critters you seek? And what if a testosterone-charged buck spots his own reflection? Would he charge your blind, forcing you to shoot in self-defense? So what do you think…Good or bad idea? Anyone had experience with these things?

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