Portable No-Trespassing Signs?
Portable No-Trespassing Signs?

posted sign

The folks at Hunter Safety Systems are known for their vest-style safety harness, which I’ve always considered one of the better deer hunting safety inventions of recent years. In fact, I thought so highly of the HSS vest that I nominated it for one of our “Best of the Best” awards a few years ago…and it won.

But one of HSS’s new offerings–called “The Pop Up Sign”–has me scratching my head a little. These little orange triangles are designed to be hung by a hunter when he is in a particular area; I would assume a turkey hunter could stick one out prior to setting up on a tom, or a deer hunter could flag the area near his stand site. Any approaching hunter would then (hopefully) avoid the area. Primarily for safety reasons, of course, but also out of an ethical sense that intruding further could make the posting hunter’s experience less enjoyable or successful.

So I’m curious about your take on this product. For $10 you get two orange signs you can use to stake out your spot. Would you take the time to do this? Where would you place them so that others would indeed spot them? Could hunters abuse this system, homesteading areas they want others to stay out of? What would your response be if you were hunting public ground and spotted one of these signs? I’m anxious to hear your thoughts!