A story in today’s Charlotte Observer is reporting on the recently recharged Sunday hunting debate in North Carolina. According to the article, the N.C. legislature is considering a bill that would allow hunting with rifles (in addition to new rules allowing bowhunting on private lands) on Sundays.

 Sponsored by democratic State Senator Julia Boseman of Wilmington (pictured), the new bill would remove the Sunday hunting ban altogether. Boseman, who grew up hunting with her father, told the paper the hunting ban was, "Just an archaic law that needs to be repealed." 

 Of course the article went on to represent the many objecting opinions to a lifting of the Sunday hunting ban. Some outdoorsmen interviewed at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh said hunting with guns would be disrespectful to churchgoers. Others voiced support for the idea of only allowing hunting after 1:00 p.m (a point Sen. Boseman said she's considering). Then you have the non-hunting hikers, bird watchers, etc., who fear a removal of the Sunday hunting ban could make the woods a little too crowded for their comfort. All recurring points in an ongoing debate with no easy answers. 

 Where do you stand when it comes to the age old Sunday hunting debate? And if you're from the great state of North Carolina, what's your take on Sen. Boseman's bill? -K.H.