'Tis the Season ...


... for shed hunting and pasture burning in Kansas. Blog Reader Lou A. has been sending me updates on life in her corner of The Sunflower State this month, so I thought I'd share her experiences and excellent photos.

We burned off our pasture early this year -- with low winds and the burn ban lifted, we didn't want to wait to see if we got a better day later. If you've never seen something like this in person, it is quite impressive. The tall mixed prairie went up and the fire roared across it in a matter of a few minutes (about five). Cedar trees are an extra bonus -- besides being a foe to the natural prairie by soaking up way more than their fair share of water and choking out native plants, they burn up hot and fast. I saw a fire ball about fifty feet high last year when a group of five went up at the same time (Murphy's law, no camera). Just in case you are wondering, I'm a bit of a fire bug.