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I’ve always believed – and argued the point on this blog – that hunters who get worked up over the antics of groups like PETA, C.A.S.H. and In Defense of Animals are, quite frankly, wasting time and anger best utilized somewhere else.

Why? Because for the most part the wacky wing of the animal rights movement is a politically marginalized collection of barking moonbats whose constituency consists of groups like the Silkworm Liberation Front, The Vegan Unicorn Brigade and the Norway Rat Protection League.

OK, so I just made those groups up. But my point is, of the challenges facing hunting in the 21st Century the self-aggrandizing performance art of such groups ranks way down on the list. Habitat loss, climate change, rampant development, degradation of public lands, an alarmingly sedate, clueless and zombie-fied culture and the increasingly superficial nature of the American hunting scene itself all pose far greater dangers to our future than a few vegetablists in dire need of pharmaceutical help.

And here’s a perfect example.

PETA Leader to Have Her Hide Tanned to Make a Point

_Ingrid Newkirk, founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals India, has drawn up her last will and testament, directing that, after her death, parts of her body be put on display or sent to those responsible for abusing animals…

1) A portion of her own skin is to be made into a leather product, such as a handbag, and displayed outside the Indian Leather Fair each year to draw attention to the suffering of cows and bullocks slaughtered for their skin.

2) A portion of her body is to be cooked in a ‘human barbeque’, to remind those who eat meat that it is flesh and that no one needs to eat it.

3) Her feet are to be cut off and turned into umbrella stands, similar to those made from elephants’ feet, which she saw when she lived in Delhi as a child, to admonish against the use of animals as mere objects for human entertainment._

It’s painfully obvious to any sane, rational individual that Ingrid Newkirk, and by extension the organization she heads, is simply batsh*t crazy. Her stunt will do absolutely nothing to erode, endanger or eliminate hunting in America. And that’s why I don’t pay much attention to PETA. They’re good for an occasional chuckle and a shake of the head. Nothing more. But if you’re going to worry about animal rights activists then concentrate your energies on the ones who wear suits, act normal and carry briefcases containing legal documents because they’re far more dangerous than the naked nutjobs.