Discussion Topic: On Rush Limbaugh And The Humane Society

Rush Limbaugh, the iconic radio voice of the conservative movement, has managed to draw the wrath of one of the country’s most reliably conservative groups — us — by recording a series of so-called public-service announcements for none other than the Humane Society of the United States.

From The Los Angeles Times:
_[A] coalition of 28 hunters’ rights groups are furious with Limbaugh for aiding and abetting the group that, as U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance president Bud Pidgeon puts it, “is the number one opponent of sportsmen in America today.” The groups, which include the Sportsmen’s Alliance and Ducks Unlimited, fired off an angry missive to Limbaugh calling on him to sever all ties with the Humane Society.

“It is our hope that once Mr. Limbaugh hears from American sportsmen and women he will understand how his endorsement aids [the Humane Society] in its quest to to destroy American freedoms such as hunting, fishing and trapping,” Pidgeon said._