Unfortunately, it’s time for me to share some sad news. I found out last week that–due to budget issues–the Field & Stream women’s blog will be no more.

Of course, I’ve loved writing as FSHuntress since the blog launched in summer 2007. What started as an enthusiastic core of women readers has grown into a close and supportive blogging community. I think we’ve all enjoyed getting to know each other as we shared our many field stories involving children, husbands, first turkeys, biggest deer, and even gimpy hogs. Since the Web redesign, it’s been great to welcome more men to the blog and to hear about the women hunters in their lives (or the plan to add women hunters to their lives–good luck with that!). Of course, there have been a few dud posts along the way, and we haven’t always agreed, but overall I’ve come to appreciate the hunters on this blog as the finest of sportsmen — passionate, responsible, and absolutely committed to getting more women into the field. I’ve felt privileged to number among you.

As the blog now enters its home stretch (it will continue through the end of April) I’ll be closing out with a few stories and thoughts on what I love best about hunting. Beyond that, I’ll look forward to seeing you around the other F&S blogs. But for the moment, I’ll just say thanks for reading, and I’ve loved getting to know you. -K.H.