A Male Perspective

I just came across this hunting column from an outdoors writer named Ed Noonan of Schenectady, NY’s Daily Gazette that I thought I’d pass along. He says right up top that he usually focuses his pieces on men, but this particular column is dedicated wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to women.

I thought it worth a quick link for the guys in particular. Some of you have asked how to get the women in your lives more involved, and although Mr. Noonan doesn’t have any earth shattering suggestions, he does offer a pretty good summary of a number of the programs out there (while some of the info is specific to NY, it’s at least a good jumping off point). He also sprinkles in some stories of his own experiences with women in the field–he’s been a guide with the NRA’s Women On Target program–including one woman who was 7 months pregnant.

I don’t know how many readers are actively trying to get any non-hunting women in their lives in the field, but for those of you who are, Mr. Noonan might offer a helpful guy’s perspective. -K.H.