In my news reviews this morning I was reading some additional stories on the new crossbow regulations approved by the Michigan Natural Resources Commission. This article in The Voice discussed the new rules just a few days ago, and included a claim I thought worth noting.

The writer stated, “Opponents of the old law [to limit crossbows to those with a permanent disability] took issue with how hard it was to get a crossbow permit, even for the elderly and people not strong enough to pull back a traditional hunting bow, including some women and youth hunters.” The new regulations expand the use of crossbows, saying they may be used:

– By anyone 50 years of age or older during the Oct. 1 – Nov. 14 bowhunting deer season statewide.

– By any hunter age 12 or older during any hunting season in Zone 3 (southern Michigan), including the bow hunting season.

Of course we’re all aware of the arguments in favor of allowing crossbows to be used by disabled or elderly hunters. But what do you think about the point made by some that crossbows may be more suitable for women? I know some instructors feel that women might have an easier time shooting a crossbow. But of course plenty of women hunters don’t agree with their usage. -K.H.