Big Game Hunting photo

Some of the best players the NFL has ever seen are also be hunters. But if you want to make the argument that skills in the field can translate onto the field, your posterboy should the Browns fourth-round-pick rookie linebacker Kaluka Maiava. When he’s not trying to get his hands on the pigskin, he trying to get his hands on the whole pig.


_”[Coach Mangini] asked me what kind of guns I use,” Maiava said. “I said I don’t use any gun. “We don’t use guns. That’s cheating. Anybody can shoot something.”

_He is a knife hunter.

_”It’s a rush to chase something and tackle him and … good football,” he said. . . .

_Is it dangerous hunting?

“We lost a couple dogs,” Maiava said, “but I never got hit by a boar. Not yet.”

So what do you think? Will Maiava’s hunting skills translate to the football field?