Duck Hunting photo

Here’s a little pop quiz: A Heermann’s gull poops on your head and then goes after your wife’s ice cream. You should:

A. Wipe your head off and go get more ice cream
B. Run the bird off
**C. ** Beat the bird off with a stick

Answer: Not C! And here’s why, from the Orange County Register:

_A Kansas man is contesting a $275 fine by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife for attacking a rare gull in Laguna Beach when the bird tried to steal his wife’s ice cream. . . .

_Fish and Wildlife officials say [Dragan] Djuric violated the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act when he beat a Heermann’s gull with a stick New Year’s Eve. Heermann’s gulls are listed under the act. . . .

[A] Fish and Wildlife Service review of the witness statements showed that the ice cream fell on its own and when the birds came to eat it, Djuric hit the birds with a stick, Ed Newcomer with the Fish and Wildlife said. The birds were not attacking and Djuric’s actions were not in self-defense, he said.