Trout Unlimited’s Chris Wood, apparent front-runner of the Obama administration to head the Forest Service–and first choice among many sportsmen–is now out of the running. Instead, in a decision that will have important implications for outdoorsmen, President Obama has made the untraditional choice of Mississippi conservationist Homer Lee Wilkes–untraditional in that Wilkes lacks a forest-policy background.

According to this AP story in the Seattle Post Intelligencer, most conservation groups are encouraged by Wilkes’ strong conservation background. But not everyone is so happy:

_”As far back as anyone cares to recall, the undersecretary position was held by a Forest Service expert,” said Andy Stahl, executive director of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics. . . .

Stahl said choosing Wilkes was “an indication of the relatively low priority the Obama administration places on the national forests.”

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