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Strange things are happening in Washington–and not just the usual strange things. Democrats are voting pro-gun. Or at least they did on Tuesday, when the Senate overwhelmingly approved a measure (attached to credit-card-reform legislation) that would allow permit holders to carry loaded guns in national parks and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service public lands.

The vote was 67 to 29, with 39 republicans, one independent, and a whopping 27 democrats voting aye–prompting The New York Times to ask “Who’s Senate Is This?”

And that’s not all; referring to a since-overturned rule implemented by the Bush administration in its last days to allow guns in parks, the Obama administration said it would not appeal the former president’s decision, a stance hailed by gun-control groups.

So what do you make of this? Does any of this increase your faith in Democrats on gun control, or is this just a political breeze momentarily gusting in an odd direction?