Hunting Dogs photo

There’s an old saying, “You can’t fall off the floor,” and as far as training Pritch as a retriever goes, I’m lying prone on the floor. At 13 weeks I shouldn’t be expecting too much from her, I know. In fact, all the books (and I’ll have more to say about the books soon) say I should concentrate more on the SIT, STAY, COME commands at this period. But I’m like most over-eager parents, expecting to see my child perform miracles.

Pritch will happily go after a dummy, and will come running back with it–then often blow right by me. I’ve added a treat at the end of each successful retrieve, but this leads her to sometimes drop the dummy in anticipation of the snack. All minor problems at this age, but for the sake of a benchmark, I filmed a brief retrieving session. Take a look at the pup in action.